Karma Grip Gimbal Stabilizer Review 2022

The Karma Grip Gimbal is one of the latest offerings by  to enhance your video taking experience.

Are you one of those who is a great fan of recording all the special moments of your life in a video? If yes, then you must be really familiar with all the related problems that have to be faced while trying to smoothly capture a video.

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GoPro Camera Karma Grip (GoPro Official Accessory)

Camera Karma Grip

Remember when you needed to take that perfect video but was lacking the right equipment. This is a common problem amongst new videographers. Thus, there is a constant need of certain accessories that can help you record all the desirable moments in the best possible manner.

Keeping in mind this need has inspired many manufacturers in developing the much-needed action camera gimbal.

The Karma Grip has got all the potential to meet the requirements for making your whole experience of recording easy, convenient and smooth. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that this recent release has overcome many of the disadvantages of the using a camera without stabilization and thereby has been a game changer in the world of action camera video creation.


In order to have a clear idea about the Karma Grip Stabilizer, let us get into the details and available features of this product.

The action camera has been doing wonders in the world of video creation. The addition of the Karma Grip Gimbal to their line-up has been a long time coming and is compatible with most action cameras.

The remote buttons available on the grip helps in handling the camera's operation. You can control recording, change the video mode, etc. with a simple click of the buttons. The Karma Grip can be easily be used for capturing an aerial shot with an easy detachment from the grip. The re-chargeable lithium battery can be used the whole day and can be fully charged in less than 2 hours. You can charge both the camera and the grip with this single battery.

GoPro Karma Grip (HERO5 Black) (GoPro Official Accessory)

Karma Grip (Official Accessory)

Features of the Karma Grip Gimbal Stabilizer

Easy to use

Don't have any prior experience of using any of the products? The Karma Grip has been designed in such a simple and convenient way that you don't require any special prior experience before using it. You can simply start using the gimbal even if you are a beginner.

The only thing that you must keep in mind before starting to use the gimbal is to read the user manual and instructions carefully so as to get an idea about the various features and specifications.


The Karma Grip is compatible with most action cameras, thus it does not require any additional setting or balancing before using it for these cameras. You can just simply plug in the device with these cameras and you are good to go and start creating action videos.

The gimbal is only compatible with action cameras. Thus if you want to use this Karma Grip Gimbal then you must have any of the action cameras.


With Karma Grip it is really convenient to operate the various functionalities of the action camera without having to touch the camera. You don't have to modify any of the settings before switching between the modes of shooting or you don't have to do any special actions for transferring the files.

All these functionalities along with recording the video, mentioning the markers or switching between the recording modes, can easily be done with the just one click of the gimbal.

3-axis Stabilization

The Karma Grip has been enabled with 3-axis stabilization. It balances the needed requirements on the available axis of its gimbal and thus results in an improved video quality. This easy to go adjustment also saves the time of the users which he has to invest in adjusting the angle of stabilization and rotation otherwise.

Multiple Mounting Options

Using the provided Karma mounting ring you can mount the gimbal anywhere you would use a standard mount. There are unlimited option such as mounting it on your chest, backpack and any surface mounts. It is quite bulky where I would suggest using Waterproof Wearable Gimbal WG2 by Feiyu Tech instead if you plan to mount rather than use it as a handheld gimbal.  Handheld gimbals are great from creating videos for your blog or youtube channel.

Weather Resistant

You would never have to stop recording with this gimbal just because it started to lightly rain or snow. The Karma Grip is not water resistant or water-proof. I would suggest you not get it wet and definitely not submerged into water. If you are looking for a water-proof gimbal check out this review.

What’s Included

  • Karma Grip Stabilizer
  • USB Cable
  • Karma Grip Gimbal Ring (holds the gimbal while mounting to a standard mount
  • Travel Case


  • Stabilization: The Karma Grip was developed for making the entire experience of video recording much smoother. The 3 axis gimbal provides the best possible stabilization.
  • Improved battery: You can get 8 hours of use per charge but most likely your camera will run out of juice before the gimbal. Lucky it only takes 1 hour 45 minutes to get a fully charged battery. This means that you can enjoy all those precious moments without any fail.
  • Quick charging: The gimbal battery can be charged in less than 2 hours.
  • Remote camera controls: The Karma Grip can control your action camera remotely. You don't have to worry about adjusting the settings of the camera or of the product every time before recording the scene as you can access that and can control that remotely.


  • Awkward Mounting: Sometimes, it can be a bit awkward mounting your camera while using it.
  • Strange bugs: The Karma Grip also contains some strange bugs that may arise suddenly when working with it. Although, these bugs are not that serious and neither will have an adverse effect on using the gimbal.
  • Heavy traveling case: The case is a bit heavy and awkward to pack in a backpack or suitcase. For me, I’m happy with the case as it does a really good job of protecting your gear.


There are many elements that talk in favour of the Karma Gimbal making it a recommended product for buying. Although there is a huge possibility of improvement, the initial model and its performance are very satisfactory than the various other options. The comfort and the stabilization that this product delivers is highly appreciable. There are some issues that sometimes make the user experience a bit frustrating.

Along with the solving the minor bugs and issues, can work on various parameters for improving and enhancing its performance.  must work on making this product more advanced by introducing smoother ways of mounting and controlling angles, joystick, removable batteries, etc. The Karma Grip is one shining star in the video recording world which with further improvements can shine much brighter.

(Last Updated On: January 14, 2022)
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