Best Place to Mount Action Camera on Motorcycle Helmet [2023]

Below I outline the many options for mounting a GoPro on a motorcycle helmet. Action cameras like GoPros and other such brand names have been steadily rising in popularity over the last few years.

Wherever you go, whether on motorcycles or cars, bikes or surfboards, or just mounted on the body, GoPros can be seen absolutely everywhere.

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There is no denying that they hold a lot of merit and come with quite the big list of advantages of normal cameras and other video recording devices. There are many motorcycle riders out there that have more than one action camera.  

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Best GoPro Motorcycle Helmet Mounts 2023

Mounting GoPros on motorcycles has become quite a common occurrence. Many people have been mounting them on the handlebars.

However, handlebar mounting poses some serious issues including the fact that handlebars come with a lot of jittering, they often don’t have much space, and it can actually be dangerous to mount a GoPro on them.

The more popular choice as of late has been to mount the GoPros on the motorcycle helmet. It is a lot safer, more convenient, and tends to provide way better shooting angles and results than when mounted on the handlebars.

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There are various reasons why you might mount your GoPro on your motorcycle helmet. Some people like to use them so they can see themselves racing or doing stunts. It’s a great way to measure your performance and see where you went wrong. Some people love taking the videos and posting them online for others to see as well.

Best Place To Mount GoPro On Motorcycle Helmet

ide mounted GoPro Session camera

One of the biggest used for motorcyclists actually has to do with safety. For some reason people who drive cars tend to not be very careful when it comes to motorcycles.

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GoPros are a great way to capture accidents and road rage, so when it comes time to go to the authorities, you have proof of what happened.

Best Place To Mount GoPro On Motorcycle Helmet

Side mounted GoPro Hero camera

Whatever the case may be, one of the bigger questions has been where the best place to mount a GoPro camera on the motorcycle helmet is. Let’s talk about the various locations on your helmet where you could mount a GoPro and what is beneficial and disadvantageous about those positions.

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What Is The Best Location?

Ok, so where you mount your GoPro on your motorcycle helmet has a lot to do with what you want to get out of it. Different mounting locations on your helmet will have different effects and provide you with differing results.

For instance, you might want to simple show the road in front of you on the video. You might want to go in the opposite direction, so instead of having the GoPro mounted facing the road and the scenery, you might want it to be facing you, the rider.

On the other hand, you might want to show yourself racing on a track, in which case you want to show the lines, shift points, and the gauges on your bike. Or, maybe you want to show your body position on the motorcycle for educational purposes.

The point we are making here is that you need to know what you want to show on the video and what the purpose of the video is before you decide where on your motorcycle helmet you want to mount the GoPro camera.

Different GoPro Mounting Location On Motorcycle Helmets

Now that you have decided what the purpose of mounting the GoPro on your helmet is, let’s talk about the different possible mounting locations you can go with.

Flat & Curved Surface Mounts

No matter which mount you select to use, a surface mount is normally required. Using a quality surface mount is imperative in making sure your expensive action camera doesn’t fall off during your weekend ride or at a motocross championship event.

The adhesive used on the cheaper GoPro Kits may fail early so I always recommend to my friends to use original GoPro surface mounts. You will need an assortment of flat and curved mounts to get the exact fit for the location you have selected to mount your camera. Always have a waterproof few surface mounts on hand so you can change locations on the fly.


  • Surface mounts can be attached to any flat or curved surface
  • Quality surface mounts are waterproof and use industrial strength adhesive


  • Low cost surface mounts may fail or are not waterproof
  • Once time use and require a heat gun to remove

Top Motorcycle Helmet Mount

Best Place To Mount GoPro On Motorcycle Helmet

Top mounted front facing GoPro camera

One of the most common places to mount your GoPro on a motorcycle helmet is on the top of it, in the middle, and at the front of the helmet. This might be the most common mounting location, but it does not mean that it is the best.

Top mounted cameras can be used to video what the user is seeing or the camera can be pointed back at the user to get their reactions. Having the camera point in the direction the viewer is looking is great for reviewing a motocross pre-race to get the best tracks to follow.

Pointing the camera at the user can be combined with a front facing camera to get your reaction, such as a bungee jump. Using the GoPro Session is my preferred camera when mounting on a helmet. They are very small, lightweight and waterproof, making them the perfect GoPro camera for helmet mounts.


  • Top of the helmet mounting provides you with the closest feel to POV, which stands for point of view. This will allow you or others to see exactly what you saw while riding. However, the angle is slightly high because it is going to be several inches above where your eyes actually are.
  • Top mounting is also good because it means that the camera is the furthest away from the motorcycle. This means that vibrations won’t affect it as much.


  • This may sound weird, but it looks kind of funny to have a rather bulky camera on top of your helmet.
  • When going at high speeds, a top mounted camera can create drag and resistance, thus pulling the helmet back and slowing you down.
  • It makes your head heavier, thus pulling your head down.
  • If you are riding off-road, the top mounted camera may hit various things above your head.

Side Motorcycle Helmet Mount

Best Place To Mount GoPro On Motorcycle Helmet

Side motorcycle helmet mount

Side mounting GoPro cameras on motorcycle helmets has also become quite popular. If you don’t have a full-face helmet, side mounting your camera is the next best option. While the helmet front mount gives you a centred angle, the side mount would give slightly off centre angles.

GoPro Helmet Front + Side Mount (GoPro Official Mount)

GoPro Helmet Front + Side Mount (GoPro Official Mount)

As with all mounting methods, there are some pros and cons to keep in mind.


  • Optional mounting location for non full-face helmets
  • Just like with top mounting, you get a really close POV feel. Although, the view is a little offset to the left or right depending on which side you mount it on.
  • The vibrations from the motorcycle don’t affect the camera all too much with side mounting.
  • Side mounting is great because it provides you with a lower profile than with top mounting. This means less wind resistance and a lower chance of the camera clipping something above you.


  • At high speeds, the wind drag created by side mounting can pull the helmet to one side.
  • With side mounting, chances are that you will always see a part of the helmet in the shot.
  • You will see head motion in the video

Chin Motorcycle Helmet Mount

Best Place To Mount GoPro On Motorcycle Helmet

Chin mounted GoPro camera

Chin mounting is also becoming a new favorite for GoPro users. Let’s talk about why that is. These mounts give the best POV (point of view), the footage appears to be filmed from the eye level.  Very similar to top mounted cameras.

One of the benefits of mounting on the chin instead of the top of the helmet is it’s more aerodynamically. Some users of top mounts have stated the camera causes their helmets to lift from the drag on the camera.


  • This is the closest you will get to a true point of view feel.
  • This is the most aerodynamic place to mount a camera. It won’t create wind drag and it won’t pull the helmet around.
  • Vibrations from the bike are not a big deal.


  • Many motorcycle helmets have angular chin bars, which can make mounting a challenge.
  • You might have to operate the camera upside down for this to work.
  • This can make the helmet a little chin heavy

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Whatever your choice ends up being, just make sure that you weigh your own needs and wants against what the results of each mounting position will provide you with. To be honest, the best way for you to figure out the place to mount your GoPro on your motorcycle helmet is through some simple trial and error.

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