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How to Walk with a Gimbal | Ninja Walk

How to walk with a gimbal can be challenging to learn. Gimbals are amazing pieces of technology. They are fun to use, quite easy to figure out, and will expand your filmmaking style and the type of shots you acquire. A gimbal can help you capture some amazing videos, but it’s not as easy as […]

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Benefits of Handheld Gimbals for Action Cameras

Benefits Benefits of Handheld Gimbal are well known by youtubers. If you’re frequently in need of recording the action in a sporting activity or the footage of an outdoor event — especially if you’ve been using Normal Handheld Sticks to ensure that your video is stable and of high quality and has been frustrating. Handheld […]

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Amazing Places to Mountain Bike in America

What are you going to do on vacation this year? Mountain biking can make for a wonderful vacation. Check out amazing places to mountain bike in America. Tours of scenic routes are available through many companies. These tours often come with accommodations.  Athletic couples will really appreciate these relaxing but active vacations. From major mountain […]

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Action Camera Helmet Mounting Tips 2022

Whether you have purchased a action camera for recording your daring supersonic skydive from the stratosphere or for your artless morning commute, it is crucial to possess in-depth knowledge about its use.Of course, everyone loves the awesome videos found online. But most of those videos undergo expert post-production to achieve precision. However, there are a few […]

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How does a 3-axis Gimbal Work

Gimbals or stabilizers are some of the most popular accessories, and for good reason. A 3-axis gimbal is used to hold a camera in place and thus helps in image stabilization during active shoots. With this in mind, how does a 3-axis gimbal work? 3-axis Gimbal. Action cameras can also benefit with the use of […]

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