Fetch Harness Review 2022

Fetch Harness

The new Fetch harness can now allow your dog to display its abilities for a different view point. Fetch dog harness has two mount locations. While one is fitted over the back for over the head shot, the other is placed on the chest to capture the action as it takes place. Compared to its predecessor, the new Fetch has unique abilities that will simply blow your mind.

GoPro Fetch (Dog Harness)(GoPro Official Mount)

The washable material that the product comes with makes Fetch easy to use and no worries on the areas the pet will traverse and pass through. Unlike its predecessors, the new Fetch harness has adjustable elastic bands that fit dogs of 7 to 15 Kilograms.

In fact, for small dogs, the chest mount can easily be removed and allow the dog to move with ease the rear camera captures the action. In addition, Fetch harness has attachments at various points that will easily allow you to paddle the pet nicely and firmly. It also has quick release bases that make the removing and the attachment of camera easy to do.

The included camera tether cable ensures the camera is not lost if it happens to get dislodged from the camera mount. Your dog can swim, and even run without causing you any worries since the product is easily washable. When it comes to comfort, the Fetch harness is significantly improved.


  • Adjustable Straps: Harness features adjustable straps so that it can fit any canine, large or small.
  • Two Different Point of Views: Harness is designed to provide you with two different points of view for video recording – you can attach your camera at your dog’s chest (below his collar), or on top of his back.
  • Easy To Attach and Remove Camera: Harness features a quick release base so that it’s fast and easy to remove or attach your camera to the harness.
  • Washable and Waterproof: Harness is machine washable, meaning you don’t need to stop your dog from tearing through the mud and swimming through the swamps (although a bath time will definitely be in order).
  • Padded for Dog Comfort: Harness is padded at adjustment points to ensure that your dog is comfortable.

Wearable Stabilizer Gimbal

Whether you mount the camera on the back or the chest, the video is going to be a bit shaky as you would expect. Adding a  Wearable Stabilizer Gimbal, the Fetch harness becomes the best harness available in the market. Here are a few videos using a Gimbal with the Fetch harness.

Image stabilization is essential when capturing videos using the harness. The Zhiyun Rider-M Wearable 3-axis Gimbal is the best wearable stabilizer gimbal available. I would highly recommend using a stabilizer gimbal to get the best shots.


  • Easy to put on
  • Comfortable for dogs
  • Chest or back mount for different points of view


  • Primary straps may become lose and fall off when the dog shakes
  • Video is shaky but can be resolved by using a wearable stabilizer gimbal
  • Best suited for larger dogs

Final Thoughts

Would I recommend it?

Yes, the Fetch harness is well worth the price.

When it comes to its cost, the price of the Fetch Harness are greatly reduced. With less than $60, you will get a dog harness mount that will naturally fit your dog perfectly. You will get yourself an amazing piece of technology to have fun capturing video from your dog's point of view.

(Last Updated On: January 14, 2022)
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